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Mini donkeys- you can't have just one!

We are a small hobby farm in Smithville Missouri. We originally just had two senior horses and weren't looking to add to the herd as we spent most of our time fostering dogs and cats for local shelters and rescues. However, one of our old horses had previously lived with donkeys and adored them, so when the opportunity arose to help a friend find a home for one, we jumped at the chance. While the two of them were fast friends, we could tell our little donk wanted a friend his own size and we were lucky enough to meet a kind family looking for the perfect situation for their beloved burro. The burro boys are now inseparable. They bring us so much joy and we are happy to share them with everyone and bring some unique fun to your wedding or event!  




We moved out to Smithville in June of 2020, during all the craziness that year. We were lucky to snag our own few acres of paradise and an adorable 100 year old farmhouse. Besides getting into the burro business, we have been operating as a small hobby farm, selling manure as compost to local gardeners and hobby farmers, growing some produce, as well as occasionally taking in horses for rehabilitation or rescue. On top of going to events and weddings, the horses and burros are occasionally used for photoshoots at the farm. We love our little piece of heaven and are excited to continue to grow and embark on new ventures. 

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