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  • What should I expect when hiring a beer burro?
    Your donkey or donkeys will arrive to the event freshly bathed, each with a knowledgeable, friendly handler to walk them. We will tack them up in their pack saddle, panniers, and our faux flower arrangements and/or flower crowns. We will pick up your beverages or items you wish to be handed out and will be ready to walk into the event at the scheduled time!
  • How far do you travel for events?
    We will generally only travel up to around 50 miles from our Smithville MO farm for the health and safety of the donkeys. Please enquire for pricing for events 50+ miles away as we can review these on a case by case basis, but unfortunately some events are too far outside our travel zone.
  • Do they like people?
    YES! There is nothing more they love than being pet and scratched and loved on. They adore attention and people.
  • Do you only do weddings?
    Heck no! We can do all sorts of parties like corporate events, birthday parties, any event where you want great photo opportunities and want beverages or party favors handed out to your guests. They are also available on a case by case basis for photoshoots. Please email for inquiries about photoshoots!
  • Do you provide or handle the alcohol?
    NO, we do not provide the alcohol the donkeys will be serving at the event. We DO provide ice for the panniers. Your bartenders can stock the baskets with drinks and the donkey's handlers will bring them back if they need refills, but guests are expected to serve themselves from the baskets. However, we are able to handle or serve the alcohol if need be as all our handlers are TIPS certified.
  • What about the poop??
    The donkeys are fit with discreet "Bun bags" that attach to their tail and catch any manure.
  • Can kids sit on them for photos/Do they give rides?
    No, we do not allow anyone to sit on the donkeys, even just for a photo. This is to ensure their safety and comfort, as they are very small!
  • How long can we rent the burros for?
    The donkeys are available for your event per hour, with pricing available on our booking page. We normally like to stay under 3 hours. For special circumstance we can discuss longer events. Generally we find one to two hours work perfectly for most cocktail hours!
  • Are you insured?
    Yes! We carry commercial liability insurance. The donkeys are also up to date on their vaccines and coggins tests to show they are not carrying transmissible diseases.
  • Do you provide the photographer?
    While we do not provide the photographer, if you do not have a photographer for your event we are happy to help snap photos of you and your guests with the donkeys with your smartphone or camera.
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