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What are the steps in booking the burros? How does this work?

First, you'll want to check with your venue to make sure they are comfortable with beer burros; we are always working to continue networking with local venues to show them how fun and unique a beer burro can be and what great publicity it is! If any venue has questions, we are happy to speak with them. We prefer indoor/outdoor and outdoor spaces as the donkeys have 'bun bags' to catch any manure, but we can't guarantee they won't urinate.

If your venue gives you the go ahead, shoot us a quick email with your dates to see if we have availability for you! We can do either one or two donkeys at your event, and generally do events from 1-3 hours. Email to inquire about longer events. 


One beer burro

First hour- $400

each additional hour - $100/hr

Two beer burros

First hour -$600

each additional hour -$200hr


If your date is available and our pricing is within budget for you, we will talk more about your event to determine how long and how many donkeys would work best. Occasionally only one donkey will be available due to handler availability. Your date is not secured however, until after we receive your non-refundable booking deposit. 


Once the deposit is paid your date is reserved and I will send over a final contract for you to review, sign, and send back to make sure all parties are on the same page! On the contract we will specify what you are wanting the donkeys to distribute; We will bring ice if you want them to distribute beverages but we can fill their packs with treats, party favors, or anything that fits in the panniers and isn't too heavy for the burros.

We will stay in contact with you or your wedding planner leading up to your event and make sure we know where we are picking up your beverages or items when we arrive. On the day of the event, we arrive before our scheduled time to pick up the items, get the donkeys tacked up in their pack saddles and decorated with our faux flower collection, and will be ready to walk into the event at the scheduled time. 

NOTE: The donkeys are living, breathing animals with their own minds and there are no guarantees about their behavior or willingness to stand for photos, but they are very well trained, friendly, docile animals that are accustomed to loud noises, traffic, weather, people, music, etc. and are almost always very pleasant and happy to pose with you and your guests. 

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